Arctic White - Zeba Shoes UK
Arctic White - Zeba Shoes UK
Arctic White - Zeba Shoes UK
Arctic White - Zeba Shoes UK
Arctic White - Zeba Shoes UK
Arctic White - Zeba Shoes UK
Arctic White - Zeba Shoes UK
Arctic White - Zeba Shoes UK
Arctic White - Zeba Shoes UK

Arctic White

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Hands-free Zeba Sneakers in Arctic White.

Put your sneakers on hands-free and without bending down! Once you receive your shoes, tie them once, and you never have to tie them again!

Zebas were made to eliminate bending down and to maximize comfort. We use the highest quality materials in our sneakers so they are built to last.

All of our insoles can be removed if you prefer to use your own, however ours are designed for maximum comfort!

What's included:

  • Zeba Sneakers
  • Extra shoe laces (different style)
  • Really comfortable pair of socks!

The chart below should help with ordering the correct size. We recommend going with whatever size you usually purchase from other big companies!

Mens Size Conversion Chart

Looking for a wide size? We currently only have a 3 styles in extra wide for men and 3 for ladies. For men we have our Beige, Steel Navy, and Steel Onyx. For ladies we have Peppermint, Rose Gray, and Black Ember.

If you don't love your Zeba shoes or they don't fit right, you can send them back for a full refund or exchange. We have a 30 day return policy that begins when you get your shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q) Do these feel like regular shoes / sneakers?

Yes! Zeba Shoes were specially designed to add "hands-free/no bending down" technology, while providing top notch comfort.

Q) With the back folding down like that it must feel different!

At first, when you see our shoes you might think that it would feel different, but it doesn't! It feels like any other shoe, except our products provide added comfort.

Q) Do I have to bend down and tie them? Why are there laces?

When you receive your pair of Zebas, you will need to tie yours shoes once to your liking and that's it! From that moment on you will be able to put your shoes on hands-free and without bending down.

Q) Will these sneakers last? Will the back give out after repeated use?

Our shoes are made with the highest quality and should last just as long as any other pair of shoes on the market.

Q) Do you offer a warranty?

Yes. We offer a 30-day warranty from the day you receive your Zeba product for exchanges / refunds. Check out our refund / return policy here.

Q) What about wide widths? Do you offer wide sizes?

Yes, we do! The majority of our styles come in medium width at the moment, but we have two styles in extra wide widths (4E). For ladies our Peppermint style is available only in Extra Wide and our Rose Gray is available in both medium and extra wide. For Men our Beige style is only in Extra Wide (4E) and our Steel Navy is available in both medium and extra wide. We are also working hard to get wide sizes available for all of our shoes.

Q) How does your sizing work?

We use standard UK industry wide sizing. We have a conversion chart on all of our product pages for our international customers as well. If you aren't sure about your size, we recommend you choose the same size you would order from any other big name company.

Q) Why don't you offer more size options or widths?

We're working hard on being able to provide more options for each shoe. We want to do our best to release new sizes and widths while being able to provide comfort that fits our high standards.

Ladies styles available in extra wide: Peppermint, Rose Gray, and Black Ember.

Men's styles available in extra wide: Beige, Steel Navy, and Steel Onyx.

Q) Are they Machine Washable?

We don't recommend you machine wash these shoes as they were not made to be put in the washer. We recommend you spray them and let them air dry. 

Q) Where are Zebas manufactured?

Zeba's manufacturing facility is in China. 

Q) Are you available in any physical retailers / retail stores?

In the UK, we are currently the only authorized sellers of Zeba shoes. Currently, Zebas are only available to purchase online. We hope to expand in the near future. Selling directly means we'll be able to offer our customers the best possible pricing we can. 


Have any other questions or concerns? Contact us! You can also ask us a question on our Facebook page, we read every comment and message!

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